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Welcome to!! This is where you learn how to be a computer geek. ITeachgeek offers free video tutorials on almost anything related to computer technology. The term geek has been frowned upon for decades but now that technology is a crucial part of everyday life, the distinction is acceptable and being a geek is cool. If you don't speak geek today don't worry, you came to the right place!

Teach Me Geek

ITeachGeek gives you the skills that IT professionals don't want you to have FOR FREE!!


Why Free?

Having a computer is almost mandatory in order run a successful business. As we all know during these hard economic times the price of everything has gone up. Some computer technicians will over charge you just to do the simplest things. ITeachGeek is here to help you save money and help you learn at the same time.


What Will I Learn?

Ever wanted to learn how to set up a server? No problem we got it. You ever get tried of showing your grandparents how to setup an email? No Problem. We've got it. ITeachGeek offers a wide range of video tutorials. Our tutorials are designed to assists everyone ..from the expect to the most novice of users.


Is the information Credible?

All tutorials will be instructed by a certified, experienced IT professional. Here at ITeachGeek our team of Subject Matter Experts prides themselves on giving out good and accurate information in the most comprehensive way possible. No more searching hundreds of videos to finally find one that some what helps you fix your problem.


Can I Request a New Video?

Need a video tutorial on something we haven't covered yet? No problem. You can send us a quick email and we will a have one up in no time.

ITeachGeek helps you solve your problem while teaching you new skills.